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Meet Dave Judson (Owner). He has achieved notable success in the world of MTB. Dave’s been riding consistently since 1985. It’s taken him all over the world where he has helped organise world cup racing events, sold bike parts and even ran a busy bike shop for a while.

As a Nelsonian with detailed knowledge of the surrounding area, he combines his passion for MTB with his passion for the outdoors to produce a world-class customer service experience.

Biking Nelson has been around the longest and has been operating since 2007. Dave loves sharing biking experiences with people who visit our region from all corners of the world. There’s no denying it’s in his blood!


“It was a good test for your e-bikes as we finished up riding around 80 km that day as we had to get back from Woodstock to Tapawera for our overnight accommodation. We were using the electric boost from level 1-3 frequently and still had plenty of battery power left at the end of the day. Thanks so much Dave!”

“We had a wonderful experience thanks to Biking Nelson. Dave was friendly, efficient and gave us excellent guidance and assistance when needed. We would highly recommend this company for a great trail experience.”
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